Reboot Yourself: Amazing Wellness Escapes To Cleanse Your Mind & Refresh You From Stress

By December 28, 2016Press

December 28, 2016
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However charming, the holidays have a habit of leaving us with a heavy feeling of exhaustion. Most of us will cap off the year with some combination of occasion overload, domestic drama, and social media fishing, a combination not ideal to clearing our heads. Here is a rundown of activities that may aid in clearing your head from the urban and holiday buzz.

Revitalize Entanglement

The newest in the Aman Wellness portfolio is found at opulent Mughal-themed Amanbagh in India’s Aravalli Hills. It is a seven- to 21-day retreat revolving around preventive medicine drawn from the earliest teachings of Ayurveda and anti-aging procedures, which will surely clear your head. An in-house Ayurvedic physician identifies each guest’s dosha or Ayurvedic type and fashions a custom-made program based on that information, comprising a meal plan and purifying body cures. This event will take place in Amanbagh, Rajasthan, India from today until May 31.

Stress-Free Realization Retreats

This retreat will take place in Six Senses Douro Valley, Lamego, Portugal on January 26 to 30 and March 26 to 30. The experience which is profoundly inclined by Eastern beliefs embraces a singular wellness evaluation, Tai Chi, daily seminars, meditation, and yoga, as well as fitness lessons and regular massages. This is especially perfect for finding work-life balance, for those considering a vocation change, or for those who want to clear their heads.

Satori Mindfulness Meditation Spa Retreat

This event will take place at Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa, Scottsdale, Arizona on January 22 to 25. Sarah McLean, Hay House author and instituting director of the Sedona Meditation Training Company, will spearhead this retreat to promote relaxation, balance, self-reflection and clear your head. Moreover, there will be activities for reflective guidance in optimisms of answering tough problems about purpose and identity, participants indulge in mindful organic banquets by Food Network star and Executive Chef Beau MacMillan and four one-hour spa treatments.


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