Creative Soul Writing & Mindfulness Retreat for Women

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September 2019 – TBA

Creative Soul Writing & Mindfulness Retreat for Women
Salishan Resort, Gleneden Beach, Oregon

A self-discovery retreat is a wonderful way to give yourself a reboot as you reflect, relax, and are inspired. Learn the best ways to incorporate mindfulness into your life, as well as how to establish a nourishing daily meditation. You’ll connect with nature and take a deep dive into yourself.

“So many of us get to a level of success in our lives and the question remains, now what?” says Sarah. “Going on meditation and mindfulness retreat gives you the opportunity to fall in love with who you really are, become clearer about personal success really means to you, and sort out what it is you are truly seeking in your life.”

The weekend begins with a welcome reception on Friday evening September 21 where you’ll meet and connect with Sarah and the other participants.

On Saturday, September 22, you can start your day with a sunrise meditative Yin Yoga session, which is followed by an introduction to mindfulness and meditation. In the afternoon you’ll have free time to relax at the spa, find a hidden hiking trail, visit the beach, or take a kayak tour on the water.

Later in the afternoon, you’ll be guided into a reflective exercise and discussion that will challenge you to become more self-aware, explore your thinking patterns, and create an inspiring shift in perspective.  Then, you’ll be served a bountiful dinner featuring fresh, healthy foods. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore mindful eating practices and share insights about what real nourishment is.

On Sunday, you’ll start the day with a sunrise meditation. After breakfast, you’ll then be guided on a walk into the woods surrounding Salishan for a Forest Bathing experience–you’ll be immersed in this sensory experience to connect with nature and yourself.  You’ll have time to journal after you’ve been guided into an empowering meditation. The retreat ends at noon.

Salishan’s Mindfulness & Meditation Retreat costs $692 per person based on single occupancy or $442 per person based on double occupancy. The package includes two nights lodging, all sessions with Sarah, daily yoga and meditation sessions, the welcome reception, a boxed lunch, and a celebration dinner. Breakfasts, spa treatments, and additional resort activities are not included in the fee.

To sign up for Salishan’s inaugural Mindfulness & Meditation Retreat with Sarah McLean, call (541) 764-3605. Or visit this page.


Salishan Resort sits among 250 acres of forested land on the Oregon Coast, conveniently located just two hours outside of Portland. The resort provides stunning views from any guest room and the outdoors comes indoors as the main lodge showcases local wood and stone complemented by an art collection featuring Northwest artists. The property ties together classic architecture and land-use sensibility. When not enjoying the grounds, guests can take advantage of a world-class spa, golf course, indoor tennis facilities, pool, sauna, and fitness center year-round. Condé Nast Traveler, in the magazine’s annual Reader’s Choice Awards, recently named Salishan the No. 3 Top Resort in Alaska and The Pacific Northwest for the second year in a row. Readers of Travel & Leisure recently voted the resort one of the 10 Best Resort Hotels in the West.

Power of Attention Meditation Retreat

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You’ve heard the phrase before, “Where your attention goes, energy flows.” But why is that? Your attention is a powerful currency, after all you pay attention. Unfortunately, most people don’t recognize the enormous power their attention offers and its ability to effect and transform all areas of their life.

Explore the power of your attention at this intimate retreat with meditation expert and Hay House author of The Power of Attention, Sarah McLean. Your attention is what Sarah calls your superpower: it’s the most important ingredient for living a powerful, purposeful, love-filled life. Discover how mindfulness and deep meditation awaken you to who you really are.

With eye-opening exercises, and transformative practices, you’ll develop a whole new appreciation for your attention as you:

  • Cultivate the direct experience of the source of your attention with self-inquiry exercises and dive into meditations to discover why your attention is a “currency of love.”
  • Explore how to mindfully communicate. Listen with your full attention, and speak mindfully and from the heart.
  • Expertly manage and reclaim your attention to deliberately determine where, how, to whom, and on what you want to pay it as you avert the distractions that abound in our fast-paced, device-laden culture.
    Wisely use the power of your attention to connect with and enliven what really matters to you such as your relationships, your passions, your projects, your health, your career, and your environment.
  • Enhance your ability to be more present, self-aware, and focused with mindfulness practices such as mindful eating, monotasking, and mindful walking.
  • Each one of us has the ability to take advantage of our innate superpower and reclaim the ability to pay attention on purpose. When you do, you can turn your attention inward and wake up to the source of it: love. This is not only the source of your attention, it is the force that forges connections, wakes you up to your purpose, and creates a fulfilling life.

Items to bring: Casual and comfortable clothes, a journal and a pen, your favorite water bottle, a meditation shawl if you like to use one and your open heart and mind.

You will receive a complimentary copy of The Power of Attention: Awaken to Love and its Unlimited Potential with Meditation

CE Credits available.

Open to all – beginners and experienced meditation practitioners welcome.